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Alright, it's been since Thursday and I'm finally coming on here to rant about all the stuff that went on between me and Greg.

Yes, we broke up on Thursday. He came to my dorm after I got home and broke up with me because he couldn't trust me and because Trey says I called his mom a bitch.

Okay, let's go back to November and December. I was planning on Greg coming to see me for xmas break. This was when I was living at his apartment. And his mom told him it was too dangerous to drive three hours to Llano because he would hit a deer or something. But yeah, I was upset about that and talked to Trey about it, but (this is where I was accused of calling her a bitch) I didn't call her a bitch.

I had no reason to call Kay Hickey a bitch, she didn't really do anything to me. She and Greg's dad took me into their family with open arms when we first started dating, she fed me almost every Sunday, she was nice to me, bought me presents and was just awesome to me in all. I loved going over there on Sundays and eating, it was like being accepted into a family away from home. I loved it.

Anyways, Greg ended up not coming, and in that same week I got kicked out of his apartment because his family didn't like it. Still didn't call her a bitch, though I was very, very upset.

Okay so along come January, amazingly we had been dating four months and hadn't even fought yet. But soon stuff started getting to us, and in February, the weekend before Valentine's day, Greg calls me and tells me he's spending th evening with his parents after promising to come see me. I was upset, but I also dropped my phone, Greg thought I hung up on him. That caused our first fight. He wouldn't answer, so I went to his apartment that night, and he said we'd talk later. Well later came, and I found out that Trey told Greg and his parents that I had called his mom a bitch, as I said earlier, I didn't. So boom, first fight. We were arguing about it. And then that same day, his mother called my parents and told them everything about him and me. She told them I had been living with him and I also found out that he had been telling them a lot about our relationship that I didn't want him to.

Well, I denied calling his mom a bitch, since I never did. But he didn't believe his girlfriend over his best friend, which I'm trying to grasp but yeah. So that caused fights. Then I found out that Greg told his parents about something that I told him in confidence, that I wanted him to keep to himself and made him promise to do so. Well he told his parents, and his mom told my parents. So I asked him, and he denied it. So a couple of weeks later, I asked him again and he admitted to it. This should have made me lose trust in him, but it didn't, I still trusted him. So that was our last fight.

Everything was actually going pretty well when I went home for Spring Break but when I did finally get back on Thursday, just to spend some time with Greg. He shows up and breaks up with me, saying he can't trust me and that his parents don't like me because I called his mom a bitch. So now I'm trying to convince the world that I didn't call her a bitch, trying to convince her, and him and everyone. Because the way I see it that's where all the trust issues sprouted from and that's where all the problems started. I wish I knew how to convince these people, I've been as sincere as I could. But it's still Trey's word against mine and it's killing me. I wish people would believe me.


Any advice?
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