Jiffy (jiffyfrog13) wrote,

1. What do you wish mom and Steve had done differently? I wish I hadn't have lied to them so much, but I also wish that they wouldn't have been so anal about everything and would have given me some space. I think if they had just not been anal, I wouldn't have lied to them so much, but I don't know.

2. Where do you want to live after college? I really don't know, right now I'm stuck between majors, but I'm changing to Advertising, so wherever I can get a good job in advertising, which is almost anywhere. Honestly, right now, I wouldn't mind staying in San Angelo, it's a nice little city.

3. What would you have done differently last semester? I would have studied harder and tried to pay more attention in classes, I would have also showed up for History every time

4. Did you feel like you were basically an only child? I felt that way and am curious as to how you felt.
Yeah, I tell everyone that I'm talking to that I was basically an only child and that you never lived with us for that long because you didn't like the rules Mom and Steve set up for you.

5. You can have dinner with 3 people and ask them each one question. Who are they, and what's your question? Oh, this one's hard. lemme think about this one overnight.
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