Jiffy (jiffyfrog13) wrote,

Alright. I'm no longer an LHS senior, I graduated tonight and it was awesome. I was planning to go to project graduation, but for reasons beyond anyone's control.

So I rode with Nicky to graduation and we got into a wreck. Not just a minor collision but a very big T-bone collision. Luckily it was only like three blocks from the gospitol and everyone is okay. It happened at 6-ish and at 10:30 he was going in for more xrays. I
m extremely worried about him, but the docs said he's okay. he may have a few broken ribs and a concussion, and his car is totalled. Now, I'm only typing with one hand because my collar bone is broken, and it suuuucks.

I don;t know how Nicky is, I hoped to find out tonight, but I'm going to sleep soon, so I'll keep everyone posted.
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